[Update Monday February 4, 2013] I added a newsletter to the site today. The link is below. I have limited time to give to the site and would like to advise you that the best updates will be in the Newsletters Section for the time being. Let that be your starting point. Click here for Newsletter archives or use the link in the Table of Contents to the right. I have also updated the pictures. There are more lovely pictures from graduation ceremonies in 2011 and 2012 in both the latest newsletter and the "pictures" link in the table of contents, also to your right. I am going strong with my bankruptcy practice and I have added divorce as another area where I seem to attract collaborative clients and divorces where I have been very successful in getting quick judgments. Well, as quick as the law allows!! I am extremely excited to announce that I plan to do a documentary this year on my ordeal with cancer while in law school. This idea was formulated in 2008 and let's just say that "life", finishing school and passing the bar took priority. I am ready to give the documentary some love and I'll keep you updated on my progress. When the web site is ready, I'll be sure to post a link here.

The Winter / Spring 2013 Newsletter has arrived. Click here to view it and remember to refresh or reload your page if it's not viewable. Email me at SandraNutt1234@gmail.com to be added to the mailing list. Put OPT-IN in your re line.

Welcome to All Things ALU, an unofficial, unauthorized, unscripted student, faculty, staff and alumni site. Because ALU is a distance learning school of primarily working adults located all over the nation, we are necessarily fractured and it's difficult to meet other students and/or stay connected. However we have managed to do a good job and I am very proud of our mixer on June 28, 2012. We had alumni from San Diego, Temecula and all over greater Los Angeles. It was hosted by Mr. Park and myself at my offices in Van Nuys and I was ecstatic that it went off so well. We had well over 50-60 people (or more?) and we met some family members, kids, wives and husbands. Always a pleasure to get to know our colleagues on a more intimate level.

About me: I began my studies at Abraham Lincoln University in Los Angeles as a first year law student January 2005 and I finished June 23, 2009. I passed the Baby Bar with a grade of "A" in 2006. I passed the California General Bar Exam July 2009 one short (stressful) month after graduation. It took me at least three months to come out of a daze. Was I "excited" when I got the results that I had passed? Noooo, MORE DAZED and STUNNED. Also relieved. Then excited and happy and proud.

After school, I met or reconnected with numerous students who graduated before me. Ironically, a young woman from Southwestern University School of Law organized a study group in which I participated. Guess who she brought into the group? A fellow ALUer! I was pleasantly surprised to see a familiar face, Jeff Katz. Jeff is a graduate who I had seen in the halls at ALU, listened to while sitting on ALU orientation panels, and always wanted to get to know, but never had the chance. I was happy to connect, but frustrated that it was the result of a third-party from another school.

That brings me to my goal, which I am proud to say has been achieved on many levels since 2009, which is to bring Abraham Lincoln University students, alum, faculty and staff together in one place to share, network and have fun! First year students should benefit from 4th year student and graduate knowledge. Recent passers should be able to tap into the advice and expertise of newly practicing attorneys. We should have events and seminars and get-togethers that benefit everyone. I welcome you to sign up for our newsletter, contact me with ideas and volunteer to get connected. Join the mailing list by sending me an email at SandraNutt1234@gmail.com with OPT-IN in the subject line to receive notice of regular updates to this site and planned events, both online and in person.

I have found several Yahoo! Groups for ALUers plus two Facebook groups, a forum and a couple of blogs. Let's be less fractured and join together to benefit everyone. I get tremendous benefit from my University of Michigan Alumni Association. I would like to mimic those benefits here, if only in a small way, for fellow ALUers. By the way, the official, active Facebook page for ALU is currently at facebook.com/alulincoln. Be sure to "Like" that page and post where appropriately where allowed.

I will be conducting videotaped interviews with anyone who has anything to contribute that will benefit current students. That includes attorneys, passers, non-passers and repeaters, students, staff, alum and even family who support us in preparing for this life-changing event.

I would love to hear from you about:
1. Informal event ideas such as bowling, happy hour, lunch, potluck, hiking.
2. Professional networking events.
3. Mentoring.
4. Facilities or office space for events and networking.
5. Guests. Who would you like to see interviewed? A faculty member? Passers of the California Bar Exam? New attorneys? Someone from the Bar Prep programs such as ThemisBar.com? (I was student Rep for them so you know they're on my list).
6. Updates on your personal accomplishments!
7. If you're having lunch with a fellow classmate why not invite others?
8. Jobs, jobs, jobs! Hiring? Know a friend who is? A new job link? Post it here. Who better to hire than a fellow ALUer?

Welcome! I look forward to hearing from you! Email Sandy at SandraNutt1234@gmail.com.



I saw a GoogleAd from Abacuslaw.com offering a free start up guide for attorneys who are considering going solo. Abacuslaw.com is an established legal software provider. Been around for years. I hesitated to click on the link because I assumed it was just a marketing ploy to get my email and contact information. Rest assured, it was. However, I was pleasantly surprised. I love the guide and I haven't even read it yet! It's worth the resources and links listed on the first few pages even if you never complete the guide. In order to retrieve the 57 page PDF you must disclose your name, email, address and phone number. I downloaded it yesterday and I received the link immediately in my email. So far I've only received one annoying phone call. Honestly I wasn't even annoyed because I'm so happy with the guide. There are several links to resources on the first few pages that are fabulous. I found myself buried in one particular site called The Home Office Lawyer. Any savvy (or not so savvy) business owner or employee in a law firm may find a large portion of the guide redundant and obvious, but many of the tips and links are invaluable. Good luck!